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HANSMANN Logistik GmbH

Mörser Strasse 67
38442 Wolfsburg (Ehmen)

Phone: +49 5362 150Fax: +49 5362-15-138

Wolfsburg (Ehmen) location


Our automatic small parts warehouse has around 100,000 slots on a storage area of over 5,000 square metres. From there we manage the supply to all assembly lines at the Wolfsburg plant belonging to a large OEM as well as seat production. Additional small parts are stored manually on another 10,000 square metres and delivered in sequence from there. Further storage space is available for the supplier and bonded warehouse.


The output of small load carriers comes to about 20,000 units a day. Aside from that, sequencing, module production and in-sequence delivery of mirrors and door handles are carried out in Wolfsburg (Ehmen). The Wolfsburg plant is supplied by a well-known carmaker.